Organic Bitches brew dark roast with orange flowers emerging from bag

Same great coffee. Brand new look.

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to bring you a whole new Groundwork experience that better reflects our Southern California roots, focus on sustainability, and commitment to community. 

Two hands holding a coffee plant with red berries

Organic Matters

Clean products mean clean environments for farmers at origin—from the land they live on to the water they drink.

Organic supernatural light roast with spooky halloween decor and candles surrounding two bags


Frightfully sweet with a mystical, almost otherworldly complexity, our Fall Seasonal Select is an ode to all things Halloween.

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talkin' 'bout the sea and the sky / and i'm talkin' bout' you and i / the sea, the sky / for you and i /
Our Rose Ave. Venice location

Get started with these how-to coffee guides.

Hario V60

Cold Brew

French Press


Loose Leaf Tea